About Me

Bella Moulina (Bella) was born on 2ndof May 1990 in South Sumatera, Indonesia. Her interest and passion is to empower youth and children to reach their dreams in their life. Her value of life is to be useful person to others. So she decided to share her experience on her blog to people who want to get inspiring story by her, especially her life traveler to reach dream. Her concern are in the field of education, environment, tourism and culture, youth volunteerism, and writing.

This picture was taken by Aldino, Tribun Jambi’s photographer 🙂

She has been youth activist which follow her passion in doing many things in her life. Her first organization, Trotoar as College Magazine in her university, led her to be active and friendly people since she had to interview people around her. Her interest in writing also gave her great experience to write news not only in her college magazine as General Manager, but also became journalist in Jambi local newspaper ‘Jambi Ekspres’. She also started her writing experience on her diary and continued to digital media, blog.

Her concern in education became more intensive since she found that lack of interest in  reading and writing of Jambi youth around her. Joining with her friends, she founded Sahabat Ilmu Jambi on August 2011. In Sahabat Ilmu Jambi, she led numerous programs in improving reading and writing interest of youth, teenager, and children in Jambi. By giving closely assist for poor children in the orphanage, she and her friends gave books and trained them to be skillful person. Another program, Dare to Dream, were hoped to give positive impact to the orphans in reaching their dream. Beside that, free library can be accessed every time by society. By today, Sahabat Ilmu Jambi already has mobilized more than 50 volunteers in spreading this social action among Jambi youth. Capacity building and training was given by Sahabat Ilmu Jambi to the volunteers to improve their skill in accompany the orphans.

She has been experienced to represent Jambi in various conferences, symposiums, training, and forum, including joining Indonesia Youth Parliament – selected as Jambi delegation, Indonesian Young Changemaker Summit as observer, Global Youth Forum as national volunteer, and many more. Her interest in traveling and writing, made her got some prizes, including became one of 66 Indonesian Traveler of Aku Cinta Indonesia Detikcom 2010 – selected from more than 2000 people in  Indonesia. Her travel writing also got prizes on 100 Best Article among Indonesian People which held by Adira Finance. Lately her journey to Dieng, Wonosobo, Jawa Tengah, was published in one of Jambi local newspaper, Tribun.

Bella Moulina finished her study on October 2012 as graduate student of English Department, Jambi University. Her experience in teaching was involved as English tutor in Primagama, current teacher leader in Rote Island, East Nusa Tenggara, which facilitated by Indonesia Mengajar Foundation. And now she becomes an executive teacher – librarian manager in SMP/SMA/SMK Islam Attaufiq Jambi. She wishes that she can be Inspiring English Teacher to her students. Another her dream is to study abroad will give big impact around her. She also wants to build school for poor children about 10 years later. This school aim to spread multiple intelligences among children, give nature condition in the school, share the culture and tourism in Indonesia, and to be faithful person to Allah Swt. You can learn more about Bella at https://gogreenbella.wordpress.com. Contact her via email: bellaACI2010@gmail.com, twitter: @BellaMoulina, instagram: Bella Moulina, and facebook: bellaaci2010@gmail.com. She likes to connect with new people around the world.

It’s easier to take a small action now instead of a big action ’some day.’ 🙂



23 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hai kaka…
    salam kenal yah, aku juga salah satu blogger jambi nih,,.. tertarik banget ama tulisan yang kaka tulis..
    sukses ya kak..

    *berkunjung juga dong kak ke Blog aku yah 🙂

  2. hello!
    Udah beberapa kali masuk, tapi baru kali ini sempat ngomen.
    Blog yang keren, sayang banget fokusnya jadi buyar karena background-nya lumayan mencolok 😦

  3. Hello!
    Salam kenal.
    Udah lama baca2 sekilas tapi baru sekarang sempat ngomennya…..
    Tulisannya keren, tapi nggak bisa fokus karena background-nya 😦


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