Youth Employment: In accordance with Desire, Interest, and Passion

Today, finding a job suitable to the desire, interest, and passion is very difficult. Most of those who seek employment assume that when they’ve got the money, then it’s not a problem. But what happens is, the number of people who inhabit a region not necessarily get a job as their desire, interests, and passion. They often would get caught in the confusion of finding a job. Worse, it is often experienced by young people, especially in a city where I live, Jambi, Indonesia.
We compete with some people to get a decent job. Sometimes cause the spirit of competition for those who like to compete. But there are also among those who are not interested in competing for jobs, in the end they just get the job mediocre with low wages. This is evident from the number of youth in which I live is still difficult to find a job and do not know what would work.
These problems become wider when one just graduated from high school, which of course they were not so considered in the work world that demands the ability of S1 degree. Young people in the Nipah Panjang, one of the villages in Jambi, many choose not to proceed to higher education levels because of financial constraints. They prefer to help a family in the fields rather than lectures. Or even better they work as parking attendants, street singers, guards cashiers, waitresses, or even choose to marry after graduation.
Unfortunately employment was often occupied by young people in the range of 17-27 years old. Youth who work as parking attendants and others that certainly will not get good pay if the quality is not supported by good education. S1 graduates are still many that are difficult to get a job adds a long list of young people who do not get a decent job. Many young people in Indonesia who need the work according to the desire, interest, and their passion, but they are poorly trained. In other words, they are not given a good understanding of how education can improve the lives and their work. They also inhibited find their identity before entering into the field for qualified workers, because they do not know what it takes in soft skill like the work. If only young people in Indonesia can not get a decent job, how the unemployment problem can be overcome when it is not fixed?
I feel fortunate as a youth Jambi when young people get a job while in accordance with my desire, interest, and passion. World of journalism and education are where I get the money since I was a student of four semesters at the university. Until now, I do not have problems in finding suitable work. I actually enjoy the work I do now, as an English teacher and journalist. For me, nothing would enjoy the job done when it is in accordance with the desire, interest, and passion.
The issue of young people in need of decent work and how they struggled to get it is our shared responsibility. This is not just rely on the youth themselves, but also to the families and the government where he resides. I strongly recommend that families provide an understanding of the importance of continuing education to a higher level so that they are not difficult to get a job someday. Plus the government should give young people the ability childhood soft skills are supported in the educational curriculum. Young people do not just crammed with subjects that must be mastered, but also provide basic training or courses that could make them open their own business, or get a job as their desire, interest, and passion.
The conclusion is, education is very important for young people to get a decent job. On the other hand, work experience and a network of friends also needed when one wants to work with a maximum wage. Indonesia alone has given a lot of training for the youth at the university level to open up business opportunities after they graduate from college. This certainly has a positive impact on the development of youth work in the future. They are not only looking for a job, but they can also open up employment opportunities for others. I believe that the issue of this world will be reduced each year if each country to concentrate on quality and quality of youth in the country.


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