Young blogger: Notes of Life and Travel Writing

If I previously wrote to the media, it is the need for a journalist to complete the job duties. But when I wrote about my life experiences, the article also stated in a blog, called This blog has a special representation of the events of happiness and sadness that I experienced. It does not just contain complaints, but also motivation and life’s journey can be found there.
I know the word blog since high school, when the last months being a senior high school students. I started blogging to have an account Unfortunately the blog that last up to three feet four student I was not well coordinated. Although that was my beginning blogging, but I feel a lot less to write there. Plus rush after a student makes a published paper there is reduced. As a result the first blog account is dead.
After a long time not blogging, I was sparked to have a blog again. This time I determined that the blog is not like the story of the previous blog, I live to forget the password. The new blog should have a brilliant idea and writing a monthly blog was always there. Of course the intention is running rather smoothly, because the hobby of writing and the time span to write a bit much. Finally in 2010 I was blogging back then, and have nearly the same account the environmental theme (although the content of the blog posts do not contain too many elements of the environment),
That year I became an active momentum back into blogger. Apparently I need a place to pour my heart and life experiences, which may be useful for others, and they can get a lesson from my writing. Therefore, I write this blog idea with a name When The Stories Tell About Life Experiences. So the blog’s content is the story of my life experience. I also finally discover the identity of the blog, which as I write as a journalist can not just write on the blog. Instead when I wrote the blog, I can write what they pleased in my mind, isn’t it?
I made this blog account with a simple design. There are pictures of tulips and banner picture of me when visiting the Botanical Garden, one of the tourist attractions in Indonesia, located in Bogor. The background of this blog is also white, not too many ornaments as it will damage the reader’s eye. I also put on About Me page, in addition to writing pages that are already in this blog. The writings were categorized into 18 categories, namely Love the Environment, Sharing, Feature, Jambi Punyo Crito, Creativity, Competition, Pearls of Life, My Dreams, My Thoughts, Education and Teacher, I Love Indonesia Detikcom Adventurers, Picture Tells a Story, Promotion, Poetry, Sahabat Ilmu Jambi, Everything Family, Travel Writing, and Travel and Culture of Jambi.
From a variety of categories, if pulled the threads, I see that my writing was not out of my thoughts and views on anything, a reflection of the events that I experienced, to travel writing. Writings in the category of Environment Love, Creativity, Competition, My Dreams, My Thoughts, and Teacher Education, Promotion, Sahabat Ilmu Jambi, and Everything Family is included in my thoughts and views on things. In addition, a category which includes the reflection of the events that I experienced was Sharing, Feature, Pearls of Life, and Poetry. While the category Punyo Crito Jambi, I Love Indonesia Detikcom Adventurers, Picture Tells a Story, Travel Writing, and Travel and Culture of Jambi is an example of travel writing that I do well in Jambi and several cities in Indonesia that have been visited.
In the blog, I am free to write what I want. I write down ideas, feelings, wishes and complaints on the blog. The writings also indirectly benefit the of friends who want to reap the wisdom, or get information from my writing. Free writing and liked by my friends made me actively writing blogs every month. I love it when what I write If only beneficial to them, it is a bonus for me after many hours of focus in front of the laptop.
I also use blogs to promote tourism and culture of Indonesia in the travel records I’ve ever done. While it is not too many posts that I made, but at least the experience of visiting these places make a lot of people also ask me about the posts made. Certainly introduce something unique that people want to visit there, especially Jambi, made me feel that writing a blog is not in vain. They just get the information needed, they helped by my writing, and I am happy to share.
Get your friends who respect the writing on the blog also own happiness. We exchanged posts and they like to provide comments and suggestions on my blog. Information from the records of the trip was my favorite of some friend’s blogs. I also get inspired after reading a friend’s blog, sometimes they go through life experience makes me motivated to do better. There is also a blog with interesting writing and a minor groove reading impressed me and I learned to write from their property, such as the blog’s Andreas Harsono, Iman Usman, Alanda Kariza, Nancy Lucia, Anandita Puspitasari, Pandji Pragiwaksono, Yoseph Kelik, Lalu Abdul Fatah Ahmad Alkatiri, Meila Rosianika, Patrisia Merly, Billy Boen, and others.
I want to occasionally write about the profile achievers or people who inspire me in life. I want to write a story from a parent first, then move on to some people that is around me. Of course I hope my profile will be created later could inspire other people who read my blog anyway. Of course the flow of writing this profile I will pack through the feature, which I ever used to get knowledge of my writing teacher, Andreas Harsono. The style of writing on this blog, I would be comfortable writing.
Now I more often write in the blog. The writings on my blog triggers enterprising spirit to write well, easy to read by others. There is possibility of my blog when I can participate in the contest blog someday. Most importantly, I enjoy writing the blog, and I will still write the blog.


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