My Journalism Experience: From Sending Letters To Young Journalists

I like writing since childhood. When I was eight years old, precisely when a primary school student in Nipah Panjang, I like writing letters to the artist or young singer. The letter was training me to use words to write. For me, the experience of writing a letter to the artist and young singer that made my hobby of writing until now, and escorted me to be a young journalist since senior high school.

Being a teenager, I became more like the world of writing. Even though it was not very productive in writing, little by little I rediscovered my passion. In adolescence, rather stepping high school, I was motivated by my father to submit articles to our youth in the local newspaper in the province where I live in Indonesia, namely Jambi Ekspres, the name of local newaspaper.
Motivated by my father, I also sent my first article that was making me a chance to be a young journalist at the newspaper. At that time I published the first paper in its readers, with the title of Senior High School Student Responds to Illegal Cosmetics. Recorded four times my writing published in the column of the reader. The topics that I wrote with my concerns relating to illegal cosmetics, deforestation, nationalism, and the plane crash.
Writing that consists of only four to six paragraphs that made me addicted to writing in other fields. Remain in the same paper, this time I wrote in Scientific Writing column, where I wrote several scientific papers that provide new knowledge for adolescents Jambi. Writing scientific papers have been published in the Jambi Ekspres about six pieces. It consists of health topics, science, motivation, nationalism, and others. The paper was written when I was sitting in third grade high school.
Habit of writing in the newspaper or on the diary was squirming. I write daily stories that I experienced in a diary. It was a stepping stone me in writing what’s on my mind to the events that I experienced. I wrote a light-light, not too particular emphasis should be on the topic, but I wrote what I thought was nice to be notified, and I had the idea to write. Writing in the diary became my habit in expressing thoughts. Until I was growing up and becoming a student at the university, more and more my writing skills becomes good. Besides writing a diary, at the age of adulthood, I also continued to write in Jambi Ekspres when it became the beginning of the semester student, I wrote in the Opinion page. This opinion page is a page open to the Jambi society in presenting their ideas and views of the hottest issues. Recorded at least fifteen paper posted on this page, the topics I discuss are about language, nationalism, entertainment, politics, and others.
The need to write for a student interested me in joining my college magazine, sidewalks, as a young reporter or journalist. At the time of my second semester, I try to put the proposal to join a campus activist journalism. I followed the selection with my friends, and we all accepted to join a journalist. I began to know the world of journalism. I know some seniors who also supported me to write this in the field of journalism. I also had the opportunity to be representative of Jambi in the National Student Press Generation Symposium at the University of Lampung, held by the Institute for Student Press Teknokra, 1-2 November 2008. Here the more I know of friends who love journalism and I learn from them.
Beginning of a regular journalists in the student press that makes me try to give the best. Although still an amateur, but I am keen to ask the other person. I am also looking for news on the sidelines of the campus as a student activity early semesters. Me and my friends every other month launched a magazine, which is given to students. The Trotoar magazine includes issues being discussed by the hottest campus stakeholders. Also magazine gives me the opportunity to lead a public leader. I then accelerated again to write better with my friends. Until today, I am very grateful to that organization, as it was developing my journalistic experience.
Approximately two years as a journalist on the Trotoar magazine (2008-2010), I ogled by Jambi Ekspres to join them into a young journalist. At that time I was called by the Jambi Ekspres to be a young journalist in Deteksi page who is now turn to Xpresi page. Early Deteksi, it is a young page that contains 10 pages with different topics and provide very up to date the hot issue for teenager in Jambi. I joined Xpresi in June 2009 ago, then at the beginning of 2011 I resigned because I wanted to focus on the real working class in a village.
After long time I do not write in the paper, I decided to join to be a journalist again, the last in May 2011. I was hired back by the Jambi Ekspres to become a journalist in Mobile pages, this page contains news about gadgets, cellphones, and the latest technology goods to the reader. I really enjoy being a journalist on a different topic, but unfortunately my experience on this page is not much because I do not work anymore on that page as of last March 2012. Even so, at a very young age, I am grateful for the experience of writing in the newspaper and read a lot of people into my lunch.
On the way I became a young journalist, I also met with Andreas Harsono and Fahri Salam. They are my teachers who give their knowledge to write feature when I followed the Feature Writing Workshop organized by Eka Tjipta Foundation in Sei. Tapa, Kuala Tungkal, Jambi in February 2010. There I got to know the real of writing named feature. What I like in writing a feature is, it is not a straight news article that is usually found in the news pages in the paper, but it gives us the instinct to see, hear, taste, and touch. In the feature I was able to write well, because of the involvement of all four senses to make me enjoy writing. Knowledge given by both of teachers to write still I apply today. Although I am not a journalist in local newspapers anymore, but I use it when writing a science feature on the blog and make it in the real of travel records that I went through.
In addition, I often follow the forum, discussions, seminars, and training of writing with peers. The knowledge in that activity would be useful for me. World of writing since childhood unwittingly led me to actively write to the present, with or without a degree journalist. Fortunately again, I am writing with my passion, because I really liked this activity. So for me there’s no excuse not to write every month, so I had to write and write!


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